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Center Based Curriculum

At Creative Explorers we follow The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers, Two's and Preschool. The curriculum is a comprehensive educational pathway for children and address 38 objectives across 10 key developmental areas. Research into the curriculum shows an expanded understanding of what, why, and how in children.

10 Key Development Areas

for Children 

Research shows there are 10 key areas that impact children's mental and physical development. 

1. Social-emotion

2. Physical

3. Language

4. Cognitive

5. Literacy

6. Mathematics

7. Science & Technology

8. Social Studies

9. The Arts

10. English Language Acquisition

Partnering with Parents for Milestone Achievement

We understand the impact early childhood education and child care has on your child's development. Through strong partnerships with parents we developed a customized curriculum for your child and review their progress on an on-going basis. We also work with area schools and teachers to assist with the transition of our Pre-K students, increasing a smooth transition into Kindergarten and continuing the ability for customized education plans for your children.